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The right coverage for your boat or yacht

boat insuranceYou like to boat. You have friends who like to boat. And you’d probably agree, if we were sitting on your boat right about now, that boating is an adventure. So no matter whether you’re a power boater or sail boater, you want to make sure you’re covered for anything and everything. (Remember The Skipper and Gilligan? They thought they were going out for a 3-hour tour.)

Like any major investment, boats and yachts need the right insurance coverage. So whether you have a boat, yacht or an antique and classic runabout; with the right coverage you can cast off with confidence.

Boat and yacht policies can provide coverage for:
  • Physical damage caused by a collision with a submerged object or another vessel
  • Liability for bodily injury or damage to the property of others
  • Damage to personal property on the boat
  • Gas delivery, towing and assistance if your boat gets stranded

Insurance coverage is not only available for boats under 26 feet; coverage is also available for yachts 26 feet or longer. Programs are also available for antique and classic runabout boats.

Savings for hybrid or electric boats and more

Along with our competitive rates and custom coverage options, including the choice of an Actual Cash Value or Agreed Value policy, you could be eligible for an array of money-saving discounts and advantages based on factors like your boating education and your boat's safety features. Hybrid boats and electric boats may also be eligible for even more savings.





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